Why a pro-line pool?

Longevity, creativity, & lifestyle


Shotcrete swimming pools are approximately 10″ thick of shot concrete reaching approximately 9,000 psi with rebar placed approximately 10″ on center lined horizontally and vertically‚Äč. Wtih a life expectancy of up to 50 years which is twice as long as other conventional swimming pools. This is the reason hotels and resorts use shotcrete as their preferred material for their swimming pools, hot tubs, lazy rivers and wave pools.


Be free and go free form. With a free form shotcrete swimming pool there are no limits, whether your looking for a 12′ deep end or a zero entry our shotcrete swimming pools can offer beautiful rectangels and whispy flowing radius’. Your able to create your very own roman emperor design or if a private logoon shape is more in your line of creativity it can be constructed. There are no brochure’s with limited options to choose from, use your style and creativity.


Shotcrete swimming pools are the creme de la creme! When choosing the best it must be a shotcrete swimming pool. You have worked hard, now it’s time to relax and enjoy the pool of your dreams. Let life begin!!!

With a free form shotcrete pool feel free to express yourself. Let your creativity run free. Shotcrete pools let you enjoy your own personal touch by having any width, length or depth you desire. From nice flowing arcs to a beautiful raised sheer descent water falls, while relaxing in your water sun deck, having your children play next to you in the water jets shooting up from the floor like a geyser. The possibilities are endless.